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Free Scotch Fur Fighter Hari Remover

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Target has the Scotch Fur Fighter Hair Remover on sale for $3.99. It is even advertised at that price in their weekly ad. There is a $4.00/1 Scotch Fur Fighter coupon that you can use along with it.  Total cost FREE!

** I am betting that this coupon could go either way for you.  Some stores may refuse to take it, especially if they are getting a lot of them.  So it may be different where you live.  Let us know what you find!

Also, because the coupon is for more than the item.  Let the cashier know they can adjust the coupon down one cent.  It will more than likely beep.  So be ready. 🙂
(Thanks FreeProductSamples)

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  1. the sale is in the ad, so it better be on sale!!!

  2. I have a problem all the time. What happens is the item is less than the coupon and they refuse to accept it because I did not spend enough. This happens at walmart, target, walgreens.. What do you say to this? Just say you can adjust the coupon price or the item or what?Thanks

  3. Dayna-Target's Coupon policy states they will adjust a coupon if the item is less than the coupon amount. So just have that with you, if you have a problem.Or, you can always buy really cheap filler item so the extra will go towards that.

  4. on the 4.00 off coupon it just says its for the starter kit but im almost certain that if the cashier decides to let you use it you can actually get this item for free (in the ad it doesnt doesnt say that its the starter kit) so hopefully we all get the right cashiers!!! just fyi i went to target saturday night to take advantage of the $5 giftcard when you purchase 5 kellogs crisps and use my 5 coupons for $1 off any kellogs crisps but when i went they only had two crisps bars left so i grabbed those as well as 3 other kellogs bars that were also included in the promotion and went asked customer service if i was able to use all 5 kellogs crisps coupons on itemsthat were not the crisps and he took them them!! sorry if i lost anyone there!! it doesnt hurt to ask!!! if you dont you'll regret it, but im sure glad i asked!!

  5. Thanks anonymous I,m going today, we,ll see what happens.

  6. I just got back from Target, and the item that is in the ad is NOT marked on sale in the store. And I did a price match, and the item didn't come up as being on sale. So I went to customer service and they had no idea why it was not on sale, but was in the ad. They did adjust the price of the coupon down a penny, and I got two of them for free ($.53 tax). They had PLENTY of the items left, I'm sure it is because they are not marked as being on sale. Also, just an FYI, they have a lot of these items in different quantities. The one that is on sale is normally $5.99. It is one starter + 2 refills.Big shout out to the Bountiful Target and their extremely friendly customer service. By far the best of any target I use!

  7. It seems that this coupon will print multiple times, is this the case for anyone else? Does this mean we can take advantage of multiple items?

  8. The coupon is a PDF so you could save it to your pc and print however many times you want. I saved mine cause my printer is having a fit. (so I can print when it decides to work again!)


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