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UPDATE:  Looks like they will call you and ask you to come over to show you more.  So, be aware before you sign up.

Today on KSL, Daily Bread announced that they are giving away Free Samples of their Food Storage.  They want you to taste how good it is.  I’m excited to try it out!~
  (Thanks Amy!)

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  1. Just a little warning on this one – they offered this a while ago, and you DO get your free sample. But they also call you a few times, and try to get you to let a sales rep bring it by and do a whole presentation on it. If you don't mind that, go for it. But it is a little frustrating when they call you after you've asked them to take your number off the list.

  2. I had the same thing happen. I thought they would just mail me a sample. But, NO, you have to go through the spiel with the sales rep. When they called me to set up the time, I told them No Thanks. It's just not worth my time for a little sample. I also had to tell them take to my name and number off of their list.

  3. Well, I am actually interested in the presentation I am wanting to buy some of this product for my food storage, do you have any tips or do you think this is a good thing to stock up on Melea? (the stuff I have looked into with a differnet company) lasts up to 25 years!!! Then I could work on other things for my food storage since this is so long lasting.

  4. Yes, actually I think a long term food storage is very smart. We can build up stockpiles of items that are non-consumables and have about a 6 month window of food. But after that, it goes bad. I think it is smart to have a long term 25 year type of food storage to have as well.


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