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Free Copy of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution

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Now, I know a lot of us probably aren’t jumping up and down about a free copy of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  But you never know when your child will have a school project or a report due.  And today, you can get it for free and get free shipping.

**Make sure you give a junk email address to them.  It seems they send out a lot of email correspondence.

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  1. There is an option to select No you don't want email updates, but who knows if they will honor that or not! 😉

  2. I'm actually happy that you put this on here. It's great to have all the frills in life. but really if more people read and studied the constituntion and the bill of rights we would be so much better off. So thank you. and I hope a ton of people take advantage of this opportunity to enlighten themselves.

  3. I got one a few months back and like Catmull's said, it would be better if our country was better informed about our constitution and our rights as Americans. thank you.


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