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Fame DVD only $4.00!!

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So, if you can tell from my long Wal-Mart matchup list I posted last night, I spent a lot of time there.  While I was walking around, I happened to notice that FAME, the new release DVD is only $4.00!  At first, I thought that maybe it was mis-placed, but it wasn’t.  Crazy Right?  They were multiple copies there.  I even checked the UPC code.  I found it in one of the display boxes in the aisle under the $4.00 sign.  So, if this is a movie you liked or want to see, grab it. $4.00 is such an insane price that I still can’t believe it!  Let us know if you find the same price at your local Wal-Mart too!

**Target has this same DVD for $16.49.  Wow, what a difference.

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  1. I recently got Mr Bean Holiday which is pretty new as well, It was $4. I thought it was put there by mistake and was plesently surprised it was not one. If I see a good deal, I take it up to the registers with me, that way if it pans out I get a good deal, and if not they can take it back and make sure other items are not marked wrong thus saving someone else the trouble.

  2. At Springville walmart today it was $20.

  3. In las Vegas it;s $16.00……it frustrates me that many of the "deals" are MORE than a FEW cents different!

  4. Jennie-It may have just been a fluke that my Wal-Mart had it for $4.00. Most of the grocery deal prices should be close to the same though… bloggers from all over the nation help each other out on those and they are usually pretty close.

  5. it scanned at 15.00 at my walmart today.


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