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Crazy Deals at Vistaprint!!

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Since starting my couponing and deal seeking journey, I learned about a company called Vistaprint.  They have quickly become one of my all-time favorite sites!

Right now Vistaprint is offering a few insane deals:

Photo Wall Calendar completely FREE!  Normally $15.99

Printed Party Supplies up to 75% off.  These Custom Made Invitations are Only $2.49 for 10!  (Normally $9.99)

4×6 Photo Flip Book– Completely Free

Another item they offer is called Mommy Contact Cards.  I don’t know if any of you have heard of this concept, but I think it is brilliant!  They are designed to give to teachers, coaches, babysitters or even other parents for play-dates.  You can put emergency contact information, allergy info, or just regular contact information on them.  And instead of trying to write down all of this info each time you go to a play date or have a babysitter, you can just hand them the card.  Pretty cool right?  I think it is even more cool to give to a teacher or someone that may need to contact you at any time.

Vistaprint is offering 100 Mommy Contact Cards for only $1.99.  That’s cheaper than buying a pen to write the information yourself!  I told you guys I loved this company!

Another item you can always get free is 250 Business Cards!  This is a great deal for a small business or someone who is just starting out.

Shipping is usually pretty reasonable too.  I think I paid about $3.62 for one of my free items I bought awhile ago.

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  1. Do I need a promo code to get the items?

  2. Nope. Just go through the link so you get the right page and the right price.

  3. Shipping on my calendar was like $5.87. It says it will take 14-21 days, I guess it still a good deal anyway.

  4. Last time I got my order within a week. I bet they are overloaded because so many people bought the free items!

  5. As I was checking out with my "free 4×6 book" the price changed from free to 50% off mid-process. Guess they got more orders than they could handle.

  6. Resubmitted my order above, and it processed as free, not sure why it changed to 50%, but doing it again made it work.


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