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Albertsons Closing! 50%-75% off EVERYTHING!

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Three of the Albertson locations in Utah are closing.  That means that every single item in the store is 50 -75% off!  Plus, you can use coupons on items as long as they aren’t worth more than the product.

The 3 locations participating are:

90th S and Redwood
69th S and Redwood
and the one in Taylorsville right by the Bangerter Hwy

Store hours are 8am- 8pm, so you will want to RUN to the stores.  I went tonight and there are lots of shelves already empty.  The sale will go from now until Feb 22nd… but I don’t think they will have inventory left by then.

A few tips from my experience tonight:

#1- Items are marked up to full retail price.  So the 50%-75% off is off of those prices.  So make sure that the half off price plus coupon is worth your time.  People get excited just because the sign says 50% off and think they are getting a good deal.  There were MANY items that were higher than Wal-Mart or Smiths, even with coupon and the 50% off.  So just don’t get taken advantage of!  However, I did snag some awesome deals on Contact Solution and other items.  So the good deals are there, just take your time and bring a calculator.

#2-  They will take coupons, but the coupon cannot be worth more than the item.  So if you are buying a clearanced item that costs $1.00, you cannot use a $2.00 coupon. 

#3-  If you can, go to one of the locations tomorrow.  Or there won’t be much left to select from.

(Thanks Kate and Erin!!)

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  1. Any other items that you got a good deal on?

  2. Yes! A ton of Gerber Rice Cereal and other baby food. You don't usually get coupons on that type of stuff. So it was nice to get 50% off.Also grabbed some BBQ sauce, pickles, Rice….I honestly did not have the time I wanted to search a little harder. I got there at 7:30 pm and the store closed at 8. So I only had a very rushed half hour to grab what I could. I am positive there are other great deals to be had. I would recommend taking about an hour or so to look for them.


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