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UPDATE:  Guys, the code IS working! I just tried it. Just copy and paste the code below.

There are a lot of great services out there that will let you have a free trial before you have to pay any money.  One of those services is Blockbuster Total Access.

Most of you have heard about Netflix. You can choose as many movies as you want in a month. They send them to you in the mail overnight. There are no late fees and you can keep them as long as you want.

I liked Netflix. But, I was always annoyed if there was a movie that I wanted to watch that night. I would end up going to rent one and paying money for it. I actually used Blockbuster Total Access myself when I posted about this during Christmas. They have all of the great features that Netflix does, but they also have an in-store exchanges. So, if you ever feel the need to grab a movie the same day, you can get it at any Blockbuster! Plus, you can get Blu-Ray movies at no extra charge! Netflix charges you for them.

So, you may end up deciding that it doesn’t work for your family. But, why not get a four week trial for free?  Just use code freetrial0618m to get an entire month free, instead of just 2 weeks!
To get a free month of movies:

1.Go here to start.

2.Pick which plan you want to have during the free month trial. However, when I did it, it let me change how many movies I wanted after the free trial. I would recommend that you at least get the 2 disc option, that way you will always have one exchanging while you are watching the other one. Enter in the code by clicking on the blue link that says “Have a promotional code?”.

3.***If you think that it MAY be something that your family would use after the free trial, just pick the one you would be the most likely to use. Click on Start Free Trial.

4.Enter in your info. You will have to enter in your cc information. As long as you cancel before the 2 week or 4 week period, you WILL NOT be charged. I did it myself and was not charged.

5.Your free trial is now set up. I would recommend writing on your calendar (this very second) to cancel your free trial exactly 12 days from now. I always like to do 2 days early in case something comes up and you cannot cancel on day 13.

7.You can start adding movies to your queue! The more movies in your queue, the faster they will ship out.

**When you are ready to cancel, just click on the accounts link at the top of the page. Then, you can click Cancel. They have a “Cancel Anytime Guarantee”! If you signed up today, write Cancel Blockbuster on your calendar 12 days from now. I won’t be able to remind you when to cancel.  So, if it is written down, you won’t forget!

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  1. it said the code was invalid??

  2. freetrial0618m- the 0 is a zero. Did you do that?

  3. So it said not valid for me also, but the third time was the charm for me – not sure why. After I tried it the 3rd time it went through.

  4. Yes, I just tried it too and it worked. Just copy and paste the code or try it a few times. It should work!Thanks Denise!

  5. Where does it say "Have a promotional code?" I can only see a link that says "Have a gift card?" There isn't a place for me to enter the code….Also FYI, in the fine print is says that you must return your rented DVDs within 10 days after canceling your subscription or you will be charged for the DVDs.

  6. Marijke-It is right above the "Start Free Trial Button".

  7. Hm, that's weird. It's not showing up on my computer or my husband's. Any ideas as to why or what I could do instead?

  8. That is really strange. I just clicked on the link in the post and I see the link above the Start Free Trial Button. It says Have a promotional code in blue writing. Try refreshing your screen or holding down control while you refresh. That is really strange.

  9. Thanks for your help and getting back to me so fast! You are awesome! I got it to work and I'm all signed up.


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