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If you have never heard of, you will want to check it out.  They offer name brand items for a discounted price.  Once the item sells out, it is done for the day.

Well, every now and then will do something called a Woot Off!  If you see the Yellow Sirens on the page, that means it has started.  Each item will stay on that page until it sells out.  As soon as it does, a brand new item will come up.  This will go on all day. 

My Husband and I LOVE  We actually bought our Little Giant Ladder from them this past year for 75% off the normal cost.  Plus, shipping is ALWAYS $5.00.  Even our heavy ladder was $5.00. and are both doing a Woot Off.  So you will want to check back there numerous times today.  You never know what will come up!

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  1. My husband and I have bought ALOT from woot and kids.woot as well. Just and FYI we bought two remote control cars before christmas. They were from "santa" for our children. Come christmas morning the refurbished cars did NOT work. They had broken wheels and remotes from the get go. Woot told us to contact the manufacturer. Because it was past the return date we did not get our money back or any kind of explanation why they sent us TWO BROKEN products. Buyer beware.


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