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Wal-Mart: Glade Candles FREE!

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A long time ago I posted about the Glade Candle Deal at Target.  You were able to get a gift card if you bought 5.  Well that promotion has ended.  However, there is another great way to make some money.

Last night, I saw that Wal-Mart has their Glade Holiday Scented Oil Products on clearance for $2.25.  They were in the middle of the main grocery store aisle. There are tins and there are clear glass containers.  The glass containers actually have a coupon in the top of them.  It is easily accessible without opening anything.  It is to be used just like a “peelie” coupon, if you are familiar with those.  Except, you can take the coupon out for the cashier. 

So, I would recommend getting 1 glass and 1 tin candle for $4.50.  Or I container and 1 refill pack. Then, use your $2.00/2 coupon.  Total cost?  $2.50.  You can repeat this a few more times if you wish.

The best part about it is that for every 3 scented oil products that you buy, you can get a $5.00 Rebate from SC Johnson.  (This is a completely different rebate than the Johnson and Johnson Rebate I posted this week!)  Plus, you can repeat the $5.00 rebate 3 times.  You could get a total of $15.00 back!

This is the tricky part.  You have to submit for the 3 $5.00 rebates separately.  So, you have to have separate receipts too.  You will need to buy 4 candles for each rebate.  Which will make them free when you get your $5.00 rebate.

You have until 6/30/10 to submit for your rebate and there are other SC Johnson products that will work.  Go here to get a copy of the rebate and see what other products you can buy.  You probably have already bought some recently.  If you have your receipts, you could use those!  Then, you could use 2 candles and whatever other product you bought. You could end up making money with the rebate!

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  1. i am confused…if on the rebate you only need 3 scented candles why do you need to buy 4?

  2. Because the coupon is for $2.00/2. You will need to use 2 coupons to save $4.00. That means you will need to buy 4. If you don't care about the extra $1.00 off. You could buy 3 candles, you would only save $2.00 though.

  3. I found the candles at my WalMart but there wasn't a coupon to be found. 🙁

  4. When did the $2.00/2 coupon come out? Was it a printable, or in the paper? I don't remember!

  5. The $2.00/2 coupon is actually inside the top part of the clear glass scented oil candle. It is folded and is black and red. You don't have to open or rip anything to get the coupon. It is neatly tucked under the front cardboard top of the candle. **Hopefully, people have not taken them out! I saw them on the Glade Candles when I went two days ago.


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