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Udder Covers Back in Stock!

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Hey, just a heads up!  Udder Covers has all of their nursing covers back in stock.  I know a lot of you said you didn’t want to order until they were back.  So I thought I would let you know.

You can head over here to order.  Plus, I’m pretty sure the code 2010 is still working to get FREE Nursing Covers.  Let me know if it doesn’t!  You will only have to pay for shipping.  I think it is around $8.95.  The Nursing Cover is worth $32… so it is definitely a steal!

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  1. If 2010 doesn't work still, try choice2. It gives you the same discount. Also, if you'd rather get the gift set, you can use the code "thanks" and get it for $5+shipping. So you save A TON!!!

  2. I've heard the codes "thanks" and "babykiss" will also give you the $32 discount.

  3. How long do we have to get this offer?

  4. The codes don't have expiration dates on them… so they can end whenever they want. So just try to take advantage of it whenever you can. If the codes dont work at that time, Ill try to find you a new one.

  5. It worked! Thanks! I don't even have a nursing baby right now – but I still picked one up because of what a good deal it was. The total was $9.95 for the shipping.

  6. 2010 Works-I bought 2 just to have for gifts. (you can buy more than one but you have to do separate transactions)

  7. okay, just wondering where I enter the code. Not sure if it is supposed to be before I submit the order or after, I don’t see anything of where to enter the code before I submit it, so I haven’t hit the submit button because I don’t want to be charged $41.95 on accident!!! Where/when do I enter the code?

  8. Okay, never mind, I just looked again and I found it!!!


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