The Rebates Really Come!

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Rebates in my mom’s generation didn’t always come.  So I know some people can be skeptical when it comes to getting rebates. But, I am here to show you that you really do get them.  Rebates have come a long, long way! 

This past week, I received my SC Johnson Rebates for $5.00 each!  The picture above is an actual picture of one of my checks.  SC Johnson emailed me when they received my rebates in the mail.  Then, they emailed me again when they had processed them.  I thought it was really awesome that they were keeping me in the loop so I knew that my rebates were being worked on!

So, if you are hesitant about getting your rebates.  Don’t worry!  If I got mine, you will definitely get yours!

If you haven’t submitted for your SC Johnson Rebates, go here to get the form.  You have until 6/30/10 to submit for the rebate.  *This SC Johnson Rebate is different than the Johnson and Johnson rebate that just came out.  Go here to check out the SC Johnson Rebate.

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