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Target Shopping with Giveaway Winner Emily

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This Giveaway has Ended!

Giveaway Winner Emily and I went shopping at Target on Saturday. Like I promised, we videotaped parts of our adventure so everyone can learn from the experience! I had a great time with Emily and it was fun to meet someone who visits the site!

This was the first time I had to edit with my Flip Mino HD Camcorder. I LOVE the camcorder, but I haven’t figured out the software yet. So, it would only fade in and out. It definitely cut off a few things. And the volume may not be perfect. So bare with me everyone! Now that I have it all figured out, the next video will be PERFECT!

(How to find the steals at Target andusing the Entertainment Book for Restaurant Discounts)

If you can’t watch the video above, go here.

ShopAtHome has a crazy deal on the Entertainment Book! They will give you $7.00 Cash Back, plus you get a $5.00 Bonus if you are new! That means, you will pay $23.75 for boththe book and shipping and get up to $12.00 cash back! WOW! You end up paying $11.75 for the Entertainment Book!

When I used my online Entertainment Book coupon in the video, I saved $7.00. That is how fast the savings add up! I would only need to save $4.75 more in order to get even withhow much I paid. And, that will be EASILY done the second time you use the coupons!

Sign in or sign up for ShopAtHome, then go to the home page. Put “Entertainment Book” in the search box. Then click on the Entertainment Book link. It will take you directly to the Entertainment Book website through a secure link. Place your order and you will get your cash back! YAY!
It will take about 2-3 days and the $5.00 bonus and $7.00 Cash Back credit will show up on your account! They mail out checks about every 2 months. Sweet! Considering the Entertainment Book usually costs $35.00, $11.75 is INSANE!

Here are the deals we featured in the video:
Faith Hill Perfume Gift Set (Includes Jewelry Box and Perfume) Clearance for $4.98
Use the $3.00/1 Faith Hill Perfume Gift Set Coupon
Total cost $1.98! (Normally $19.99 or more!)

Target Axe Gift Sets- Buy 2 at $5.00 each, get a $5.00 Target Gift Card
Use 2 ofthe $1.00/1 Axe Shower Gel or Detailer Tool Coupons here.
Pay $8.00 and get a $5.00 Target Gift Card from the Cashier.
***In the video, I also show the Axe Deodorant and Body Spray Gift Packs. They are included in the Gift Card deal, but you cannot use the coupon on them. So, you will end up paying $2.50 with Gift Card included. However, since Axe Deodorant alone is more than $3.50, it is still an awesome deal to get deodorant and body spray for only $2.50!

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Clearanced for $1.94
Use the $.75/1 Mr. Clean Coupon from the Home Made Simple Booklet
Total cost $1.19

**Home Made Simple is an awesome company that will send you free samples and coupons for different companies like Dawn, Febreeze, Cascade, Mr. Clean and Swiffer. I have now received two coupon booklets from them in the past 3 months.
All you need to do is
sign up for the Home Made Simplenewsletter here. They will send you a monthly email letting you know when you can grab free samples andnew high-value coupons! After you have signed up for the newsletter, you will want to go here and request the Home Made Simple coupon booklet. It has over $35 in high value coupons for you to use. I remember that I got both of my booklets within 3 weeks.

$2.00 off Movies has all of the DVD coupons. So make sure you grab them while you can!
Most are around $5.00. Target was actually cheaper than Wal-Mart, in my case. With coupon, they end up being $3.00. Movies like “What Happens in Vegas” end up being $7.00 with coupon at Target!
** A brand new Giveaway Starts on Thursday Morning. As part of the Giveaway, another reader will get to go shopping with me! So get ready!

Also, if you live in Utah, I will be on Studio 5 again on Thursdayat 11 am. Brooke Walker and myself did a pretty extensive “How to Use Coupons at Target” Video that they will be featuring on the show. You won’t want to miss it, especially if you are new to using coupons or coupons at Target!

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  1. I went shopping to Target, Old Navy, JCPenny and Walmart the past week or so and this is what I found.This is going to sound outrageous, but here it goes. I purchased:* 6 jackets* 10 pairs of pants* 46 shirts* 3 sweatshirts* 2 backpacks* 1 pair of boots* 12 pairs of shoes* 2 pairs of winter glovesOriginal prices totaling $1,010.08My total $176.00.Total savings of $834.08!!!

  2. about the entertainment book…so I just went online and got this great deal. Will they send you the credited money in the mail or will it go straight to the bank? I am confused with how that will work??

  3. I was going to buy the entertainment book, but it looks like you have to sign up to get the book every year (at a discounted rate) to get the $5 back. Is that the only way?

  4. The bummer about you showing eveyone how to shop at Target with coupons especially on T.V. is that there are never any clearance deal left for the rest of us!

  5. No, you don't have to sign up to get the Entertainment Book every year. I don't because I never want to pay full price for it. I actually did this deal through Shop at Home too and I just got the one book.You will want to check the ShopAtHome FAQ page. They can answer when they will send the money to you. I believe it is every 2 months or so. But, the list it in the FAQs. There may be an amount of cash back you need to hit before they send the check. I think it might be $20. But, if you just got $12 back, then you only have $8 more to go. And getting $8 more in Cash back is easy! Just shop one or two more times and you should have enough. But again, check out the FAQs. I don't want to tell you someting incorrect.

  6. At the end of your video, you mention that you got a Catalina, can you please explain what that is?! Thanks so much!

  7. A catalina is a coupon that prints off with your receipt. Not all stores have them, but they are a great bonus. Pretty much a catalina is a coupon. In my case it was a manufacturer's coupon for Pampers Wipes. You can use it just like any other coupon. Sometimes we have a heads up to know how to get them to print off. Other times, it is just by luck of the draw.Melea

  8. How do i sign up to do the giveaway?

  9. You will get details tomorrow morning. And you can sign up then. Stay tuned!

  10. Hey Melea! I just wanted to say thanks again for the awesome shopping trip! I learned so much and since then I have been finding some awesome freebies and deals on my own! Thank you for your help! I also wanted to ask you a question, I'm not sure if anyone has asked you before and I missed it. With the sunday papers you receive, do you get all three inserts EVERY sunday? I know you have said that you guys are the only ones that get RP but most weeks I only get one insert the SS and then I get the RP in the mail for free. Let me know what you get 🙂 Thanks!

  11. Emily-Good! Im glad you had fun!The P&G Insert comes the first week of the month. The SS and RP usually come every week. And sometimes you will get two versions of the SS. Also, on Holiday weekends, there sometimes are no inserts at all.

  12. Good to know! Thanks for you help!


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