Coupon Codes / Restaurant Deals $25 Gift Certificates are back to $2.00!

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Update:  The promotional Code has expired!! I will let you know immediately when the next one comes out!

Every few weeks, has a new promotional code to get you $25 Gift Certificates for only $2.00.  80% off is one of the top promotions from them.  So whenever they have this deal, I will post it for you.  If you weren’t able to get the Gift Certificate last time, because it was sold out.  Try checking now.  The gift certificates reset periodically and new restaurants are added all of the time.  And since you have an entire year before the gift certificates expire, you will definitely want to stock up.

Plus, a gift certificate is just like money.  So, you can even use coupons on-top of the Gift Certificate and save even more money when you eat out! 

Get a $25 Restauarnt Gift Certificate for only $2.00 with promotional code BONUS.  **Make sure you read the gray area right before you put the restaurant in your cart.  That will tell you the stipulations on the Gift Certificate.  Sometimes you have to spend a certain amount to get the discount.  Or, you need to buy 2 entrees.  Even if the amount required is a little higher, if you go out with another couple, just put everything on the same check to get the discount.  Then you can both pay your half of the bill with your cc. (Just an Idea!)

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  1. If you live in Southern Utah or are planning to visit soon there are now two restaurants featured… I have tried Peppers Cantina and it is really good! Great Deal!

  2. Do these places let you use more then one gift certificate? I want to buy 4 for La Caille, so I can get $100 worth, but I want to make sure they let you use them together.

  3. Candice-Usually they don't. That would be awesome, but insane on the Restaurant's part. You will need to check the stipulations on each Gift Certificate before you buy them. When you check which gift certificate you want next to the restaurant, there is a gray box with how you can redeem it. Usually it will say with an entree purchase or a $15 purchase or something like that.Hope that helps! Melea

  4. Maybe I am being blind but I do not see the promo code anywhere and I really want to get some great deals.

  5. Its BONUS.

  6. Its BONUS.

  7. it wont let me enter the promo code? its where it says to put in the "discount code" right?

  8. Yes, enter BONUS. It should work. I know it has been working for everyone else.

  9. It says BONUS has expired. Is there a different code I can use?

  10. I don't think there is another code yet. But as soon as there is one, I will post it! They usually post a new one within a few days.Melea


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