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Questions about Printer Ink!

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I just wanted to take a quick second and answer people’s questions about Printer Ink. It is really hard to find discounts on Ink, especially for brands like HP. So, when I do, I will definitely post them ASAP. Also, if you ever find a great deal on Printer Ink, make sure to let me know!

I have personally tried the re-fills and it has always just been a complete mess. The printing quality isn’t as good. And when you are trying to print off a coupon, you only have two chances and then your available prints are up. It is really annoying when the barcode isn’t printing clearly enough for stores to use. So, my personal advice is not to do the whole re-fill thing, unless it works really well for your printer already.

I usually get my ink at Wal-mart or Office Max. It is only $19.99. Plus, I only buy BLACK ink. I change my printer settings so my coupons print off in black and white. That way, I don’t waste money on colors that I don’t need. That has already saved me tons of money by just buying the black ink carridges. To be honest, I haven’t really searched for any better prices for ink yet. I have been so focused on finding other deals.

Darcie, one of my readers, sent me a very detailed explanation of how she gets her ink for a really good price. So I thought I would share a portion of it with you guys. I have not personally tried this yet, so I will not be able to answer any of your questions. But if you want to try it out, go ahead and let us know how it went! Here is what Darcie emailed to me:

“…….I found a pretty good deal on amazon .com for my HP ink cartridge on the Subscribe and Save discount. For anyone who hasn’t heard subscribe and save on amazon, go here to learn about it.

I bought a 2-pack of official HP ink cartridges for $32.90 (so $16.45 each) from amazon on subscribe and save (and shipping on subscribe & save items is free!). If I bought the same thing on amazon without the subscribe & save it would have cost me ~$5 more). Once my initial shipment arrived I was able to very easily cancel the rest of my subscription without any problem.”

If you try out the Subscribe and Save like Darcie did, let us know how it went!

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  1. You may be able to save on ink at OfficeMax this coming week since I heard that in this Sunday's paper there will be a 15% off at OfficeMax brownbag.–Darcie

  2. I always get mine refilled for about $12 and I have never had a problem. Cartridge World on 7th E and 21st S is where I go and I love it. I got a bunch of coupons from a local business calendar and so I think the regular price is $15. I get both b&w and colored done there. I have never had a problem printing barcodes on coupons and I have used refills for over 2 years. I have an HP printer too and I can't tell the difference from the ink it came with to the refills.

  3. This is not about ink but about baby jammies. I went to Babies R us looking for christmas clearance jammies, they have a ton of stuff on clearance not just christmas, not sure how long it lasts. But it was all buy one get one for 99 cents. So most things were $9 clearanced already then you get 2 for ten (including 2 packs so 4 for 10). Thought I would share! Thanks for all your tips. Nita 🙂

  4. I just was looking at money saving mom's website and she has a GREAT link on there for an excel spreadsheet that you can track your savings on!! All you do is input your totals and it does all the work for you it is seriously the best excel spreadsheet, I am excited to see how much I save.


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