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My Points!

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I just got an email from one of my readers, Juanita.  This is what she had to say about My Points:

My name is Juanita and I have been a member of My points for several years and it is so awesome. Even if all you do is open the email and you do not have to take advantage of all the offers they send you( somedays alot). I have earned enough points several times to get Game Stop, Burger King, Walmart, Kmart, Blockbuster and Marriot Hotel Gift Cards. Most of the time all I do is open the email because it is an offer I dont want, but there are some gret offers and you get additional points when you take advantage of the offer. Ebay, Barnes and Noble, VistaPrint , Omaha Steaks, Oriental Trading to name a few.

You also get points when you refer others and they take advantage as well, I am a dedicated My Points memeber and recommend it to all.”

I have now had a few people tell me how much they love My Points and how many free gift cards they received!  And every single one of them could not think of a negative to signing up.  So, if you haven’t taken advantage of signing up, it is completely free! I’m a huge fan of getting gift cards for free.  To sign up, go here to get step by step instructions on how to sign up.

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  1. This is a huge scam! You sign up to get points and take surveys, but they require you to sign up for other sites to get points. The other sites say they are giving you free samples, just pay shipping then they charge you a monthly club fee! I have been coming to your site for months now and I have always enjoyed what you have to offer, until now. I am very disappointed that you would post something without doing any research on it! Users have come to trust you and your posts. Not any more. Thanks for nothing!!

  2. I would not normally comment on such a rude comment. But you obviously are obviously mis-informed about how to get points. So let me clarify it for you.NOT ONCE, let me say that again, not once have I signed up for any other sites or offers. My Points will give you 5 points just for opening up the page. So I quickly open up the page and close it before it even fully loads. They will also send you emails that will give you a link for an offer. I do the same exact thing. I click on the link and then close the page immediately. Each and every time I have gotten 5points. You do not have to agree to any other offers EVER to get points. I have no desire to sign up for those silly offer sites. In the past 3 days, I have already received 80 points from doing just that. And the points clearly show up on my account. The instructions in each email and survey specifically state that if you are not interested in the offer, you will still get 5 points just for clicking on the link. You need to read the instructions to understand how any new site works. I never offer anything to my readers that I think is a scam and never will. If you had a question about how something works, I would have hoped you would have at least contacted me first before you jumped to conclusions…especially since you have enjoyed everything else on my site for the past two months.

  3. What a jerk! That person doesn't even deserve to come to your site anyway… We all appreciate everything you do.


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