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Mega Swagbucks Day!

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Every Friday is Mega Swagbucks Day!  You could earn anywhere from $1- $100 digital dollars just for searching the Internet.  So, get searching.

I started my personal Swagbucks account about 5 weeks ago.  I only use it to search occasionally and I already have 151 SwagbucksI earned 32 Swagbucks this past week without even trying. You only need 45 to get a $5 Amazon Gift Card.  So I have made over $15 in Amazon Gift Cards.  Pretty Sweet!

I know that my friend Kristen actually bought most of her Christmas just barely with the Amazon Gift Cards she received from Swagbucks.  How would you like to save some huge money on Christmas next year?!  Or, just buy something fun for yourself!

If you haven’t signed up yet, go here and read my post on instructions.  It’s completely free and like I said, it is really easy! So get searching.  You will even get a bonus $3 Swagbucks, just for creating your account.

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  1. Do you couple this with mypoints? Is it anything like mypoints because I love mypoints!!!

  2. Lindsie-Yes, I do both. I use the search engine on Swagbucks… and that's all I use it for and earn points. Then, I use My Points for surveys and non-offer related stuff.

  3. what kind of things to you search and then get points for?

  4. There isn't anything imparticular that you search for. YOu just use it like a normal search engine and every few searches it will award you Swagbucks.


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