Johnson and Johnson Rebate Update!

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So, it looks like My Frugal Adventures called Johnson and Johnson to see if they were allowing multiple receipts for the rebate.  They said that they are!  That definitely takes off some pressure for all of us right? 

I’m glad one of the other bloggers noticed that the rebate said “reciept” and not “receipts”.  I thought I was the only one!  So for all of you who went to the trouble of buying it all on one receipt, it was good for you to do that.  We wouldn’t have known.  And it is definitely better to be safe than sorry when it comes to a rebate.  They aren’t very forgiving on them!

Just make sure that your receipts add up to $30 before coupons!

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  1. maybe a stupid question, but i have to ask. i bought $30 worth of these products at walgreens w/ the B1G1 50% off. My receipt for every item shows the full price for each, then further down the receipt after the coupons i used it shows the 50% taken off of each 2nd item. For the rebate do I just circle the items reg price or also the 50% off deductions? Does it matter that the price i actually paid was <$30 for my transaction? I just want to get everything right so I don't miss out on my $10 :)THANKS

  2. No, it is a good question! I'm sure a lot are curious!Just circle the full price for each item. It doesn't matter that the price you paid was less than $30. As long as the total was $30 before coupons, you will get your rebate.Melea

  3. so do you think there will be a better deal than this on this stuff before the rebate is over?

  4. Not sure if there will be a better deal. But since you can buy the items at difference places… you will probably be able to find better prices individually at different stores. But honestly, the Buy 1 Get 1 50% off is an awesome deal. So, if you can, I would take advantage of it. If another deal doesn't come, then you would be sorry!


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