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How to Store Your Coupons Video!

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I have had so many of you ask me how I store my coupons. So I hurried and put together a little video for you! I will be updating it with something a little better than my one-hand video job a little later. I just need my husabnd to be home! Hope it helps you with getting your coupons in order.

You Tube was being silly.  So I actually decided to hurry and create a Freebies2Deals Facebook Page and post the video there for all of you to see!  Plus, while you are there, make sure you Become a Fan!  I will be doing another awesome giveaway on Friday. If you become a Fan of Freebies2Deals, you will already have a head start!  I will let you all know what the giveaway is on Friday…. but I will tell you that it is worth over $50!

Go here to Become a Fan of Freebies2Deals on Facebook and to see the video post!

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  1. Just wanted to share an other coupon source. This is a link to some printable coupons on organic products, including soy dream milk.

  2. I'm sure someone has already asked this, but do you print all the coupons that you get? Or just the ones that you would use, or think you might? Thanks for all your hard work!!

  3. I've actually gone back and forth with that. I'll take the time to print and clip every coupont that I get in the paper. And, then I won't use a bunch of them. So the next time, I won't clip all of the coupons and there will be items I could have gotten for free if I would have clipped them.The best way to probably do it is to ask yourself "Would I buy this product if I could get it for free or almost free?" If the answer is yes, then clip the coupon. You will always have left-over coupons. But there are many times when coupons get printed out and when the deal finally comes to use them, they are gone.Hope that helps!Melea


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