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Great Deal on Target Up & Up Diapers!

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Target is offering a great deal on their Up and Up Diapers. Maybe because Pampers and Huggies deals are doing so well this week?

Select sizes are being offered for $6.49 each. Add four packages to cart. Then, use coupon code URTYJLI8 to get a price of $19.47 for all four. (Price will show up at end of checkout!)  It even looks like Shipping is Free!

It ends up being $4.87 per pack.  What a great deal, especially if you are a fan of the Target brand of diapers!

**I’m not sure how long the code is good for.  So, use it while you still can!

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  1. Thanks Melea!! Diaper savings are an absolute must!

  2. Where do you get/find all the promotional codes that you leave for us?

  3. Kasi-It depends. Sometimes I used and other times companies email me the codes or I find them online

  4. for some reason on my place your order page it isn't listing the discount from shop at home. doesnt it apply after the order is placed or should it be in my order total before i place it.

  5. It is cheaper to buy 4 of the $13.69 packs. The diapers end up being 10 cents each instead of 14 cents (if you buy the $6.49 packs). Basically the total discount of 25% gives you one pack of diapers free!

  6. You won't see a discount on the Target site from ShopAtHome. They are separate things. After you place your order with Target, they will tell ShopAtHome how much you spent. Then, ShopAtHome will update your account on the ShopAtHome site telling you how much cash back you have received. It may take a few days for Target to tell them how much you spent. But, it will show up. I do it all of the time.melea

  7. i ordered 4 packs of diapers jan 30 at the discounted rate and just received email that they canceled my order for no reason. Anybody else have their order cancelled? i called and the lady said all orders were cancelled which is hard to believe.

  8. They canceled my order for no apparent reason also. I find it a little shady…They canceled it first because they said they size 4's were out and wouldn't be getting them in. So I called and the lady changed to where I got 4 packs of 3's..but still was getting the deal.just got my email saying your order has been canceled indefinitely.

  9. That is so strange that they would cancel the order. If this has happened to you, I would take a second and email Target. You can find the info on their website. Tell them that you are unhappy that they would not honor a price they advertised and tell them you will shop elsewhere if this is how they will do business. Pretty much, send a complaining letter. IF they get enough of them, maybe they will do something about it.sorry guys!


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