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Get $15 BabiesRus Gift Card when you buy Pampers!

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From Friday, January 15th till Monday, January 18th, you can actually score a $15 BabiesRus Gift Card if you purchase any 2 Pampers Diaper Boxes 92 count or higher!  Plus, if you have Pampers manufacturer coupons, you can use those on your purchase!

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  1. I have a question about mypoints. I received an email about printing off coupons. It said that I would get 10 points per coupon that I printed off. That was a couple of days ago. The points still haven't shown up in my account. Do you know how they apply those points?

  2. you have to use them at the store and then it takes a bit for them to be processed, but you have to use them not just print them out

  3. how do they know when you use a certain coupon? am I the only person with a certain barcode on the coupon? I'm just not sure I understand how they know that I, Sarah, used the coupon that I printed out.

  4. So, I know this happened a while ago but I encountered a frustrating experience at BRUS w/one of these scenarios of combining coupons and free gift cards. I went in to get their "Get $15 gift card" with purchase of 3 particular items (in this case it was Dreft, Charmin, pampers or Bounty). So I purchased 3 qualifying items, and brought with me, 3 manufacturer's coupons (pampers, dreft and charmin) PLUS a $3 off STORE coupon for Dreft ldry dtrngt. Well, they would not let me combine the coupons, any of them, with this deal. The computer would not physically allow it. And there was no fine print on the store ad or coupon (except on the store dreft coupon) stating it could not be combined with any other offers. And I left frustrated, naturally! I could have saved an additional $7 in coupons. Well, I just called customer support and told them my situation and they explained that they were manufacture coupons, separate from a store deal, and why would the "system" computer not allow it? He said that sometimes in those situations the manufacturer is already reimbursing BrUS and that they cannot be stacked. I should have asked for his manager, though he already put me on hold to talk with him. And all he could was apologize. He did not offer me anything! I'm pretty ticked. do you have their store policy in print like you do other stores? What would you have done in my situation?


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