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Free Membership to Curves!!

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Update: It has come to my attention that Curves will only accept the free 30 day trial if you sign a year contract. Well, that is just absurd!! It was a sneaky marketing attempt and I’m really not happy that they would be so shady about the offer. Sorry guys!

A lot of us are thinking about becoming a little healthier this year.  Well Curves is offering a completely free, no obligation Fitness Plan and 30 day membership!  You don’t have to pay a dime.  How cool! 

I have had a lot of people tell me they really like Curves.  It is a women only gym.  And, you work with a trainer for FREE the entire time you are there.  They work you out in a circuit circle that is proven to burn the most calories in the least amount of time.  Plus, because it is not like a regular gym, you actually make friends with a lot of the ladies who work out there.  It sounds like a really cool place that I will have to try out!

Go here to get your free 30 day membership and Fitness Plan!  I just printed mine out.  It only took about 30 seconds to fill out my info and print the coupon!  I’m really excited about this freebie!

**This offer does not have an expiration date on it. So I have no idea how long it will be available. My advice is to print it ASAP.  It may be gone later this week if you try to go back and print it.

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  1. I filled out a form online, and went in tonight. They would not accept this without a 12 month contract.

  2. Seriously?!! That is not cool and definitely a sneaky way to get you in there. I'm definitely not happy with Curves. I'll update the post. Thanks for letting me know!


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