Flirty Apron Giveaway Winner!

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Can I just say WOW!  You guys are awesome.  I had over 800 entires for the Giveaway.  That’s insane!

What’s even more insane is that I had to compile that many email addresses.  So, thanks for being patient.  It normally doesn’t take this long to pick a winner.  The winner was chosen randomly by  If I had to do it, I would never be able to choose! picked number 441.

And the winner is…..

If this is your email address, you MUST email me at within 24 hours from now!  If I don’t hear from you, I will choose another winner in your place.  I am very strict about this, so make sure you email me asap! 

Since we had so many people interested in Flirty Aprons, I am going to see if they have any special deals going on for the Valentines Day Season.  So, if you were thinking about getting one ( Some of you said you were for sure), then let me check with them first.  Hopefully I will know by Tuesday if they are offering any deal!  Stay tuned for that!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered!  I will keep doing giveaways every few weeks. 

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  1. Melea, sorry, this isn't about the apron giveaway. I just have a question. Does Walgreens give you the overage on coupons you use that you can use towards your other items that the coupon is not for? Also, do you know who else does this? Thanks!!!

  2. Christy-Walgreens usually does. But some stores are strange and won't. But for the most part, it should work. Target usually does too. Actually, most stores from my experience will. Wal-Mart, Smiths, Fresh Market, Macey's…they all should. Melea

  3. just a head's up. last time i went to the target in Sandy, UT the cashier told me she couldn't accept MFR coupons if the amount is greater than the purchase price of the item. She said she couldn't adjust MFR coupons down to the actual price. She said she can adjust down target store coupons, but not MFR. so basically i couldn't get any of the travel items priced $0.97 for free using the $1 MFR coupons. I think this was just this 1 cashier, but i'm not sure. I have been able to do it at other targets numerous times before and since.

  4. Anonymous-Thats not true. That is why it is good to have a copy of the couponing policy with you. It talks about changing the price of coupons if it exceeds the amount of the item. She was just lazy and didn't want to do it. If you have problems, so the policy or ask for a manager. I know it is annoying. But that's what sometimes happens with cashiers.Melea

  5. Malea,Can you use a MFR coupon printed off the target website, so it has the target logo on it but it is not solely a target coupon. It says MFR coupon right on the top. Can you use these coupons at Walgreens? I went last night and they wouldn't let me, I had the bad cashier, I usually leave when I see her, but my RR were going to expire so I had to use them or loose them. I assume you can use them anywhere. Thank you,Amy

  6. Thanks for all your hard work Malea.Amy

  7. Amy-Technically, every store SHOULD accept them because it says Manufacturer coupon on them. But, since Target started doing these types of coupons, more and more stores are refusing to use them. They think it is a liability that they may not get paid out on the coupon, even though they still will. With Walgreens not having a set coupon policy, I can see why they would tell you no. However, I have had no problem personally using them at Wal-Mart. It usually scans just fine and doesn't beep. But it really is different everywhere you go. I think stores are still trying to figure out what to do about them.Melea

  8. Melea,Thank you for the information on the target MFR coupons. Also my Tivo didn't tape last weeks Studio 5 show, I was so bummed. Did you say it was posted on your site somewhere, I can't seem to find it.Amy

  9. Hi, I won the contest for the flirty aprons and I just recived my apron today. It;s even cuter in person! What an awesome giveaway, I can't wait for our shopping trip.Thanks Again!!


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