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I have had a lot of people ask about how to get baby coupons for formula, diapers and other baby products.  Here are a few awesome sites that you should sign up for!  I regularly get coupons for Enfamil, Huggies, Similac and more.

BabyCenter– You will want to sign up for their free newsletter.  If you are expecting, it will track your baby’s development and send you a weekly update.  I loved getting those when I was preganant.  Or, if your baby is a little older, it will still keep track of milestones and give helpful tips for each stage.  Plus, you will get notices for special coupons and freebies!  Go here to sign up for the newsletter!

BabytoBee– There is a requirement to sign up for this one. Your baby cannot be older than 11 months old. If you are expecting, you can still sign up.  They will give you a bunch of different offers and freebies.  You can choose which ones you want to participate in.  Go here to sign up.

Pampers– You will want to join  You earn points for every pack of diapers and other Pampers products that you buy.  You will offers and coupons too!  Go here to sign up for Pampers.  **Once you sign up, you can use WELCOME2GTG2010 as one of your codes.  You will get 10 points!

Planning Family-  This wasn’t something that I knew about when I was pregnant.  But, they offer samples, coupons and health information for your baby.  To try it out, go here.

Beyond the Rack-  I personally like to get diaper bags that don’t really look like diaper bags.  I want it to be cute and stylish and still have all of the pockets that I need for baby stuff!  I recently got a tote from the Jessica Simpson line and absoultely loved it!  It had a million pockets.  Some were the perfect size for bottles too!  I paid $128 for it… ouch!  I know!  But this past week, I came across a place called Beyond the Rack.  I posted about it earlier.  They sell Jessica Simpson bags and other designer totes for 70% off!  It’s an awesome way to get quality for a much lower price than what I paid.  Go here to read my post about how it works and how to sign up!– This is a great place to buy diapers, wipes and formula.  They have special promotional codes to get $10 off your first order and free shipping!  Plus, they have eCoupons that will automatically make your purchase lower!  Go here to read my detailed post about it!

Those are just a few of my best picks for baby freebies, samples, coupons and diaper bags.  If you know of any other great deals that you have found, comment so everyone can benefit!

**A few of these places may have other “offers” as part of their sign up process.  Remember that you can choose to skip any of those offers.  They are there just to make the company money.  I know they are sometimes annoying.  But, if you end up getting a bunch of things for free, I think it is worth the extra few seconds to pass through them. 🙂

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  1. I was wondering if you have seen a coupon for Cloudy with a chance of meatballs?

  2. Brenda-I actually posted that a few days ago. On the right-hand side of my website, there is a long list of stores that I have posted about. You can click on rebates or movies and that post will pop up for you.Melea

  3. Thanks, I havn't been on here for a few days and I must not have scrolled down far enough. Thanks a bunch!


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