Beer Rebates!

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Sometimes you may find a Beer Rebate on the Beer Aisle at the grocery store.  Many of you probably walk right past them.  However, in Utah, we do not have to purchase the Beer that is required with the beer rebate.  We just have to buy the other product that is included in the rebate.  So, you can end up getting some pretty sweet deals with beer rebates!  So keep an eye out for those.  Also, there are Beer rebates that don’t even include a purchase of beer for anyone.

Right now, Coors Light is doing a SuperBowl rebate for Pepsi Products.  You just have to buy $20 worth of Tostitos Chips and/or dips, Pepsi Soft Drinks, Condiments, Plastic Cups, Ice, Paper Plates and/or Deli items (ANY brand any size). You will get a $7.50 Rebate from them.

Walgreens has their Pepsi Register Reward Deal I mentioned in the post below.  So, you just need to buy $20 worth for Pepsi Products included in the Walgreens RR deal.  You will get a $10 RR back, plus you will get $7.50 back from Coors.  Total cost?  $20 worth of SuperBowl Food for only $2.50!!!  Awesome Right?? 

If you live in Utah, you will want to print out pages 2 and 4 of the Coors Rebate.

If you live elsewhere, you will want to check all 4 possible Coors Rebate pages and see which one includes your state.

You can have multiple receipts, they just have to be the original receipts!  And, you must buy everything this week, before February 8th!

** You can only submit each rebate form once.  But, if you use the $7.50 rebate for the Walgreens Deal, you could use the $10 rebate (page 2 through the rebate link) and buy $30 worth of  ice, paper plates, cups and other items that are included.  It’s a great way to save on items for your SuperBowl or other Party get together!

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  1. Melea – Do you know on this rebate … Does the drink have to say Pepsi on it, or can it be a Pepsi brand such as 7UP or Mountain Dew? Thanks!!

  2. Christy-I'm assuming it is on all Pepsi brands. But you are right. It does not clarify that. There is a number at the bottom of the rebate. You may want to call and ask them. Then, you will know for sure.


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