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Want a Swagbuck?  Just go to your Swagbuck homepage and click on “Ways to Earn”.  Then, click on “Special Offers”.  Then, choose the “No Obligaion Offers”.  Just keep clicking “Skip” until you see the code.  Copy and paste it into the code box and get a Free Swagbuck!  Awesome!

If you are new to Swagbucks, it is an awesome site that combines the search engines of both Google and Ask.com.  Then, whenever you use the search engine, you can get Swagbucks. 

What are Swagbucks?  They are digital dollars you earn.  When you hit a certain amount you can redeem them for Gift Cards to your favorite stores or other prizes like iPods or travel!  It is pretty sweet!  You only need 45 to get a $5.00 Amazon Gift Card.  And, I have friends who paid for their ENTIRE Christmas last year with Amazon Gift Cards they had earned from Swagbucks!  Crazy right?  I currently have 230.  And I started 8-9 weeks ago.

It’s completely free!  You can read my original post and sign up for Swagbucks here! 
You will get 3 Swagbucks when you start your account. 

And today is MegaSwagbuck Day.  That means, every Friday, they give out more Swagbucks…up to $500.  So, get searching!

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  1. Please share how you have been able to get so many swagbucks in 8-9 weeks. I joined at the beginning of Jan after you posted about it and I only have 38. I figure that gives me 40/mo and I'll maybe get to 230 in 5-6 months. How did you do it in 2? I get my points from searches and the occasional code.

  2. Jamie-I only use it for searching as well. I probably am on the computer a lot more than you. I also use any opportunity I have to use the search engine. So, even if I know the URL of a company, I search for it. Sometimes you can get extra swagbucks for it. I also search pictures to post on the site, so I get more swagbucks for searching images.

  3. I have a question about this too. I only signed up a couple of days ago but seem to be stuck at 7 points since I first signed up. No matter what I search for, I don't get anything for it. I did make a purchase through Swagbucks from Hooked on Phonics but it hasn't given me credit yet. Do you happen to know how long that usually takes? Also, I downloaded the toolbar and I thought I was supposed to get mega bucks for that but haven't. I would ask them but I can't seem to find a "contact us" link anywhere. Maybe I'm just blind…

  4. Dont get impatient. If you are just searching for the fun of it, the system knows. So, just search when you are really trying to find something. I have 280 points… so I know that it will work. Just give it a little time.I haven't purchased anything on swagbucks yet… but I know a lot of my readers have. They have a FAQ button. I would check that. More than likely they will credit the points to your account after the purchase is verified by Hooked on Phonics.


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