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I just learned of the greatest website!  It’s called Ebates.  This is how it works:

Go here and do a quick sign up!  Any time you want to buy something online, go to ebates first.  They have unique promotional codes you can use towards any online purchase.   Any purchase you make through their site, you will get cash back…. up to 25% of your purchase price.  They can deposit the money back to your Paypal account or actually send you a check.  They have already sent out over $40 million dollars in cash back to customers!

Companies like Nordstrom, JC Penney, Victoria’s Secret and more all pay Ebates a fee when we shop.  Instead of keeping it for themselves, they share the profit with you. 

When you sign up, you will automatically get a bonus of $5.00 cash back.  In order to be paid out, you need to have $5.01 in your account.  So if you are planning on buying ANYTHING online soon, go to ebates first.  Sign in.  Then, find the store that you want to shop at.  They will then transfer you to the site through their webpage.  They will even tell you what the most recent promo codes are. They will track your purchases and put your cash back into your ebates account.  Then, you get paid out every 3 months.  You could potentially get a HUGE return on your Christmas costs, if you go to ebates first and have them direct you to the site you want!!  How Cool!

If you have questions about how ebates works, just go here after you have signed up. Or, you can ask me! 🙂

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