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Get Coupons without a Newspaper!

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Ok, so obviously you will get the most coupons in the Sunday Paper.  And if you get a couple copies you will have multiple coupons to use.  Then you can build up a storage of items in a pantry or a basement for later on.  Then when you do run out of contact solution, you can go downstairs and pick some up.  You won’t need to go to the store and pay an outrageous, full price for it!~

However, if you aren’t sure about getting the Sunday paper, there are other ways to get coupons!

Internet Coupons

If you have read other posts on my blog, you will see that I will usually link you to internet coupons.  You can print these off. Many sites will only let you print off a total of 2 copies for each coupon.  Places like,, and all have coupons weekly that you can print off of your computer

Magazine Coupons

If you have a subscription to any magazine, you will see an occasional coupon in advertisements.  It’s usually something that you pass by and don’t notice.  But, if you are looking for them, you will see them.  Some of the best coupons have been in magazines. 

For example, usually Olay coupons are $1.50 or $1.00 off one.  But in my Shape magazine last month, they had a coupon for $3.00/1.  That is the coupon I used yesterday at Target to get FREE Body wash and lotion.

Secret Coupon Books

Many times companies like Proctor & Gamble will offer you a coupon book or mail you an envelope full of coupons.  That is always a great thing to sign up for. 

However, places like Walgreens actually have their own coupon books at their stores.  By the cash registers, there is a Fall Savings Booklet that has pages of coupons to use that expire in October.  They are completely free.  Walgreens also has a coupon book in the pharmacy department.  Just ask for one.  They don’t cost anything.  But sometimes people in the pharmacy department can be a little stingy.

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