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Ok, so I know that the sound of cutting coupons sounds like a hassle.  And at the beginning it really does sound to be too much effort.  But one thing I will promise you is that it really pays off!  I actually look forward to Sunday’s Morning Paper now to see what coupons came in the inserts.
There is something that does that I really like.  She tells you exactly what to buy in order to get the best deal.  For example, this is what she posted today by going to Walgreens:
Transaction #1:

Get: 3 Theraflu cold cough, flu or sinus releif. 6pk vapor patch, 6 packets, liquid 8.3oz.

Use: $2/1 from the Healthy Savings booklet. You can find these back by the pharmacy, this will automatically take of $2 for each

+ 2x $2/1 Printable from Theraflus website (print 2x computer, its an even better deal if you can print from another computer so you have 3)

Pay: $4.97+ tax

Get Register Rewards: $8 in register rewards

Transaction #2

Get: Gillette Fusion MVP, power or Manual (P&G) $8.99

Emergen-C, 2pk booster (Alacer) : $3.49

Use: Gillette Fusion Razor, any $4/1 (10-31-09) PG-9/27

+ $8 rr from Transaction #1

Pay: $0.48 +tax

Get Register Rewards: $6 (razor), $3.50 (Emergen-C)

Transaction #3

Get: Vaseline Sheer infusion Lotion: (unilever) $6.99

Robitussin 2pk: (wyeth) $2.49

Dentex Dental Care, floss 55yrds, or 35 pk floss picks (dentex) $2

+ something for at least $0.02 so you can use the RR from your last transaction

Use: Vaseline Lotion Product, $1/1 (200 ml or larger) except Renewal or Glow (12-13-09) RP-10/18

$1/1 Floss picks [URL=]HERE[/URL]

+ $6, & $3.50 RR from transaction #2

Pay: Tax

Get Register Rewards: $7 (lotion), $2.50 (robitussin), $2 (dentex)

Transation #4

Get: Halls Refresh Sugar Free (cadbury Adams) $1

2 Glades (Mini candles 2oz, Scented oil candle holders, candle tins or 4pk refills) 2/$5

Use: Halls $1/1 single bag Halls refresh single bag (11/7/09) SS- 9/27/09

+ Glade Scented Oil Candles products, any $2/2 (10-31-09) SS-9/20

+ $2.50 register Rewards from transaction #3

Pay: $0.50 + tax

Get Register rewards: $1 (halls), $1 (Glade)

You end up spending $5.95 and look at all of those products you got!!  It’s INSANE!!~!

  • 3 Theraflu cold cough, flu or sinus relief
  • Gillette Fusion MVP
  • Emergen-C, 2pk booster
  • Vaseline Sheer infusion Lotion
  • Robitussin 2pk
  • Dentex Dental Care, floss 55yrds
  • Halls Refresh Sugar Free
  • 2 Glades (Mini candles 2oz, Scented oil candle holders, candle tins or 4pk refills)

Now, the only thing is that you need coupons in order to get the best deal~  There are some coupons that you can print off of your computer, like mentioned above.  However, you will need the coupons out of the Sunday paper as well! 

What I have done is subscribed to just the Sunday paper of The Daily Herald.  However, I get 5 copies of it!  If you aren’t sure if you will be into the couponing thing, you can start out with just one. 

Right now, I pay $16.44 a month to get 20 papers delivered to my door.  Let me just telll you, that is 5 coupons of the same thing!  So you can really stock up on things that go on sale or “go on free” as I like to call it!  If you call The Daily Herald and tell them you are a Savvy Shopper, you can get that special deal. has more information about it and I think that Amy has really explained it all- everything from organizing coupons to how to use them to get the best deal.

Ok, now that you are completely overwhelmed, feel free to comment and ask questions so I can make it understandable!

Have fun and good luck!

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