Mainstays 13.75″ Non-Stick Wok Only $4.93!

Walmart has the Mainstays 13.75″ Non-Stick Wok for only $4.93! Cook up your favorite stir-fry dishes and meals with the Mainstays 13.75-Inch Non-Stick Wok. Perfect for steaming, searing, roasting and more, this versatile wok does it all. This must-have wok is designed for easy meal preparation, featuring a 13.75-inch cooking pan and tall, sloped edges for no-spills tossing. Plus, score FREE shipping on this order when you try out the new Walmart + Program. Sign up for a FREE 15 day trial today! READ MORE »

T-Fal Nonstick Wok Only $17.79!

Lately, I’ve been into making our own Asian dishes at home. SO much yummier and way cheaper. But, a good wok is imperative!  READ MORE »

Mainstays Nonstick Wok Only $4.93!

A nice wok is essential for the perfect stir-fry! WalMart has the Mainstays 13.75″ non-stick wok for only $4.93 right now! You can pick it up at your local store for free to avoid any additional shipping costs.  READ MORE »

Mainstays 13.75 Inch Wok Only $5.00!

Walmart has their Mainstays 13.75 inch Wok for only $5.00! Cook up your favorite stir-fry dishes in this wok. It is made with a non-stick interior surface, so food slides easily from the pan to the plate. READ MORE »

Mainstays 13.75 in Non-Stick Wok Only $5.00!

I love Chinese food, and making my own is just as good and cheaper than takeout. In fact, sometimes it’s even BETTER! To make decent Chinese food, though, a wok is essential.  READ MORE »

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