Great Wolf Lodge Deals are Back at Groupon!

Are you ready to start planning some close to home vacations? We’ve all been stuck at home for a long time and I know we want to get out and do something! Let’s do something fun, close by and safe, shall we? How about a fun trip to Great Wolf Lodge?!  Groupon has deals right now to get a trip to Great Wolf Lodge for as low as $140 per night (depending on location)! READ MORE »

10% Off of Vacations/Getaways on Groupon!

Are you ready to take a little vacation? Maybe something a little closer to home? Right now at  Groupon, you can save 10% on Vacations and Getaways when you use promo code SALE3. READ MORE »

5 Reasons to Go Away for Christmas

When I was younger, I remember watching Home Alone and wondering how the family could possibly be traveling for Christmas.  Granted, I grew up with not much money so that kind of travel was out of the realm of reality in my life.  However, just the idea of going out of town on Christmas baffled me.  Now that I am an adult, I am highly considering taking a vacation for the holiday and seeing what kind of new memories we can make as a family.  Why?  Well there are several reasons I am considering it, but after going back and forth with it, I have found that there are some really great reason to leave. READ MORE »

4 Reasons to Road Trip this Summer

What are your plans this Summer? Please oh please tell me that your Summertime plans include a family road trip! READ MORE »

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