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Tips & Tricks for Easy Potty Training (Step-by-Step Guide)

potty training f2dWhen you hear the word potty training, what do you think first? Pee, crying, fighting, pee, and more pee? I’ll be honest, I’ve always DREADED the potty training phase. It’s just not convenient and it’s so tiring. It’s one of those things that can really be hard or can really be quite simple. As I’ve had 3 kids to potty train, I’ve found some really good tips and tricks. Each time I’ve followed this guide below and each of my kids have been potty trained in 3 days or less. That’s right, 3 days. It’s definitely not an easy 3 days and at the end I’m ready for Cafe Rio, Coke and a giant piece of cheesecake. But it’s totally worth it. Now with that being said, each kid is different and they have different needs. Yours may not be trained in 3 days and that’s fine but hopefully they will be closer to the end result. I’m hoping some of these ideas will help you have a more fun and successful potty training experience. READ MORE »

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