Owleez Flying Baby Owl Interactive Toy with Lights and Sounds Only $34.99! (Reg. $50)

Score! Right now at Walmart, you can get this Owleez Flying Baby Interactive Owl for Only $34.99! (Reg. $50). Can YOU teach Owleez to fly? Meet Owleez, first interactive toy pet that you can teach to fly! This adorable baby owl can’t learn to fly indoors without your help and practicing together is so much fun! The more you practice, the more comfortable she’ll get. Place her in the included nest and watch as she spreads her wings and magically takes flight right out of the nest! Every Owleez flight is different – you can watch her soar, help her fly or comfort her after a crash. She’s made of durable and lightweight materials, so when she crashes it’s okay, it’s all part of learning! With over 100 interactive sounds and movements, Owleez responds to your touch, love and care. Feed her the berries when she’s hungry. She likes to be pet, tickled, rocked to sleep and loved, and will let you know her mood by changing her eye color! It’s easy to charge Owleez with the nest’s built-in USB cord. Place her in the nest and continue playing while she charges! Teach your own baby owl how to fly with Owleez! READ MORE »

*HOT* Owleez Interactive Pet (Pink or White) Only $27.78 Shipped!! (Reg. $50)

RUN! Hurry over to Target and get one of these Owleez Interactive Pet Toys for Only $27.78 Shipped! Keep in mind that the current list sale price (ends tonight) is $38.99, but if you text the word TOY to 827438, it will send you a QR code to use in store or an online promo code for 25% off! Plus, if you are a Red Card holder, you will save an additional 5% bringing your total cost down to $27.78 Shipped! Seriously awesome deal! READ MORE »

Owleez Flying Baby Owl Interactive Toy with Lights & Sounds Only $38.82 Shipped! (Reg. $50)

This is the cutest toy!! Head over to Walmart and get this Owleez Flying Interactive Baby Owl Toy for Only $38.82 Shipped! (Reg. $50). Owleez needs your help to learn how to fly! It’s so much fun to teach this adorable baby owl how to fly. Practice together (you’ll hear a delighted “weeee!”), place her in her included nest and watch Owleez spread her wings and REALLY fly! Every flight is different – watch your owl soar, guide her with your hand or comfort her after a crash. Pet, tickle, and even feed her with the included berries. Teach your own baby owl how to fly with Owleez! READ MORE »

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