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Miroir Micro M55 DLP Projector, Refurbished – Just $69.99!

How about a projector? Back to school movie nights? Watch movies, or share home video and photos in your backyard, on the garage door, or even on the ceiling in the bedroom with this Miroir micro projector! Screen mobile content with this Miroir micro projector. It produces an image size of up to 50 inches for a large-screen HDTV-like appearance, and it has built-in speakers and a 3.5mm port for flexible audio setup. Connect a high-definition media source via the HDMI port and cable of this Miroir micro projector. A great deal makes it even better! READ MORE »

Miroir Micro 360p DLP Pico Projector – Just $129.99!

Miroir - Micro 360p DLP Pico Projector
How about this fun projector? This little projector is small enough to fit in your pocket and projects images up to 50″ wide. DLP technology ensures high-quality performance and clear, crisp images. Check out this awesome deal! Grab it today before it is gone! READ MORE »

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