mall madness

Mall Madness Electronic Shopping Spree Board Game Only $10.55! (Reg $24.99)

Ready, set, shop! The Mall Madness board game is a fun shopping game for kids and right now Amazon has it listed for only $10.55! (Reg $24.99) . Just make sure you clip the $3.52 coupon before you head to checkout. Players choose to play as Gwen, Sage, Avery, or Dax, and use their ATM card and cash to buy items on their shopping list. The electronic unit directs players to their next move, where the sales are, last minute markdowns, and more. And kids will love the realistic sound effects when they make a purchase. The 3D gameboard features plenty of cool stores. The first player to purchase 6 items off their shopping list and make it back to their parking lot wins the game. READ MORE »

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