Little Live Pets Boutique

Little Live Pets – Sparkle Pets Boutique | Interactive Toy Pets Only $29

This looks like so much fun! Right now at Walmart, you can get this Little Live Pets- Sparkle Pets Boutique for Only $29! It’s time for the Little Live Pets to shine! Introducing the ultimate take home pet-shop from Little Live Pets – The Sparkle Pets Boutique! This mega 23” wide pet shop in a box features the prettiest, sparkliest pets in town! These exclusive pets shimmer and shine. They can’t wait to show off their style and add some sparkle to their new owners home. In this beautiful box you will find Cloudia, a Lil’ Bird with gorgeous light up wings and a beautiful bird cage for her to live in. She makes over 30 bird sounds and can record and repeat what you say! Also waiting to come home with you is Beverley Gills, a pretty Lil’ Dipper and her deluxe fish tank. Release her from her clam-shell packaging and watch as she comes to life and swims out! Then feed her with the Fish Feeder! But wait, there’s more! You also get a Shimara the Lil’ Turtle plus her little baby turtles. Your Lil’ Turtle can walk on land and swim in water just like a real turtle and her babies can ride along on her shiny shell! Which surprise twin turtle will you find? Add some sparkle to your day with these three amazing Little Live Pets from the Sparkle Pets Boutique! READ MORE »

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