fuel savings

4 Tips for Saving Money on Gas

I know we are all feeling the pain at the pump these days. My husband drives a jeep Wrangler and the other day when we filled it up, it cost over $80, I drive a Toyota Camry and it cost me over $60 to fill. 🙁 Now, I don’t know about you, but I am desperate to find ways to save money on fuel, so I have made some changes in my routine that have helped me to noticeably save on my fuel bill.   READ MORE »

Save 25¢ Per Gallon on Fuel!

Are you familiar with the Shell Fuel Rewards Program? You can go here to check it out, but just by signing in for it here, you can save 25¢ Per Gallon on Fuel! Groupon has this deal so go sign up now! READ MORE »

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