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Pollinator’s Pre-Seeded Flower Garden Mat – Only $14.99!

Pollinator's Pre-Seeded Flower Garden Mat | 2 Varieties

Grow beautiful flowers easily with this deal! Right now, Jane has this Pollinator’s Pre-Seeded Flower Garden Mat for only $14.99! Bring your garden, walkway, or outdoor living area to life with our roll-out flower seed mats. Specially designed and made to attract hummingbirds, butterflies, songbirds, bees and more friendly wildlife. These pre-seeded flower mats produced right here in the United States are made of 100% recycled paper and include over 1000g of specially chosen wildflowers. All you have to do is lay out your mat, cover it with the included potting soil, and water! It is that easy to have the garden and flowers of your dreams! READ MORE »

Sunshine Pre-Seeded Flower Garden Mats for Only $11.99! (Reg. $30)

So pretty! I love these Sunshine Pre-Seeded Flower Garden Mats for Only $11.99! (Reg. $30). Not an expert gardener? There is no need to be with these easy to care for pre-seeded flower mats. Just roll it out, set it and wet it! In a few weeks watch a beautiful variety of flowers bloom specially designed for bored gardens, decorating around shrubs and trees or any other sun catching area. Perfect for new homeowners and beginning gardeners, this two-by-four-foot (17″ x 5″ / 7 sq ft) border garden mat is crafted with recycled paper and pre-seeded with fresh flower seed. Cut the mat to fit around mailboxes, trees, porches, and patios, and then simply water. As the flowers grow, the mat will dissolve into fertilizer. Best in moist soil that’s been raked or sowed, with full sun to partial shade. The hardest part about this garden item will be which one to choose. READ MORE »

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