fisher price balls

Fisher-Price 2.5″ Play Balls, 500 pc for Only $29.98!

Wow!!┬áThis Fisher-Price 500 Play Balls 500 pc set for Only $29.98 comes in four brightly assorted colors for a fun learning and playing experience. They’re fun on their own. They are also a terrific addition to any Fisher-Price Ball Pit such as the Helicopter Ball Pit or 3-Ring Ball Pit (each sold separately). They are a fun way for little ones to learn to catch and throw, improving hand-eye coordination and other motor skills as they crawl, walk or run after the play balls. Made with air filled, heavy-duty material, they stand up to lots of use. These Fisher-Price balls are finished with a smooth seam to prevent scrapes. They’re lightweight and portable in addition to being a fun way for kids to learn colors. READ MORE »

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