fire shooter

Pyro Mini – Shoot fire from your empty hands – $124.99!


This is one of the craziest/neatest/weirdest/I don’t even know what to say products I think I’ve ever seen! USB rechargeable, the Pyro Mini can shoot up to 600 fireballs on a single charge, and power up from your laptop or car charger, so you’re always ready to turn up the heat, whether you’re playing a gig, performing a magic act, or just shooting off fireballs for fun. The Pyro Mini even includes the Burst Fire feature, so you have the option to hold the trigger down for a few extra seconds, and shoot 2 fireballs at the same time. And, by plugging the antenna into the included remote, you can even practice this new trick from up to 30 feet away. READ MORE »

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