fels naptha laundry bar

Fels Naptha Dial Laundry Soap (1-Pack) – Only $0.88!

These are great for getting tough stains out. I also grab extras to keep in my laundry storage! Head over to Amazon where you can get Fels Naptha Dial Laundry Soap (1-Pack) for only $0.88! Here are some additional details: READ MORE »

Purex Fels-Naptha Laundry Bar – Just $.88!

Need a little help with the Back to School laundry? Getting laundry stains out and getting it really clean means less buying new things! This is one of my long time favorite laundry helpers! I love being able to get my favorites online for a good deal! Grab one or two for your laundry routine today! READ MORE »

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