electronic writing board

Electronic Writing/Drawing Pad Only $15.99 Shipped!

This lightweight LCD screen is the perfect thing to replace paper, post its, notepads etc… Simply write or draw on it and erase it with the touch of a button. Use it over and over again. Works with an inbuilt battery so no need for charging or connecting it to anywhere. Perfect to keep the kids occupied and allow them to explore their creativity. Pick up your own Electronic Writing/Drawing Pad for only $15.99 shipped now on Jane. READ MORE »

Electronic Writing Board with LCD Screen Only $16.99 Shipped! (Reg. $49)

These would be awesome if you home school or to keep the kids entertained on road trips. Right now you can get the Electronic Writing Board with LCD Screen for only $16.99 Shipped when you use coupon code CULINOL at checkout! (Reg. $49) This screen is 10 inches. It is thin and lightweight. Perfect to bring with you anywhere you go. READ MORE »

Electronic Writing Board with LCD Screen 10 Inch Only $18.99 Shipped!

Head over to gearbest and get this Electronic Writing Board with LCD Screen 10 Inch for only $18.99 Shipped with coupon code AinolA at checkout! This writing board comes with the board and a plastic stylus. It has a built in battery. This is super fun because you can draw or do math problems or other work and then quickly erase with the press of a button. This would make learning a little more enjoyable! READ MORE »

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