crate creatures

Crate Creature Surprise Just $12.74!

Head over to Amazon and pick up this super cute Crate Creatures Surprise Toy for only $12.74 right now! (Reg $39.99) Kids can use the crowbar to crack open the crate and get their creature. Pull his tongue, and he vibrates and makes noise. Motion sensor inside creature reacts when they’re upside down, knocked over, or laying down. You can even record your voice and creature will play back your message in creature voice! READ MORE »

Crate Creatures Surprise Toys From $13.76!

These Crate Creaures toys are so grossly adorable, you just have to love them! They would also make awesome holiday gifts! Normally, these sell for around $40.00, but Amazon has select Crate Creatures marked down to around $14.00!  READ MORE »

Crate Creatures Surprise Figure Only $13.99!

So ugly, they’re cute! These Crate Creatures make some super fun friends! Open the crate to reveal a different creature with a unique movement and voice. The glowing eyes and monster sounds offer a playful scare when you interact with them. Every Crate Creature comes with a specialty food accessory, crate, crowbar and chain to create the perfect home for your new pal. READ MORE »

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