How to Stop The Battle Over Chores


Are you tired of battling over the chores of the house? It’s exhausting, I get it. Before my husband and I had kids, our house was clean all the time. Then kids came and oh my gosh, our house is rarely clean!  READ MORE »

4 Tips that Will Help Your Children Learn to Clean Up After Themselves

Do you feel like you are constantly following your children in an effort to stay on top of the messes they create?  Well, you need to stop.  Now.  Okay, okay, if you have a baby or a toddler, I am going to give you a pass and let you keep on following.  However, if you child is any older than that, it is their turn to clean up after themselves. No need for you to do it, besides, I’m sure you have plenty of other stuff that needs to be done anyway, am I right? READ MORE »

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