Free Organic Notepad!

Right now you can grab a Free Organic Notepad from Solar Energy PittsburghGo here to get yours. Then, scroll down to the bottom. Looks like we should receive it in about 3 weeks. READ MORE »

Barbie Instant Win Game! Plus coupon!

UPDATE:  Looks like you don’t need a code anymore to play!  But, the site is extremely slow still! READ MORE »

Target has New Coupons too!

Target Printable Coupons!

Target also just released a bunch of new coupons!  Head over here to grab them.  You should be able to print them twice.  Some of them are manufacturer coupons and some are Target coupons.  If they are Target coupons, you can combine them with Manufacturer coupons for an even better price.  So don’t forget! READ MORE »

New Coupons! has just come out with a bunch more awesome coupons.  Yay!  Remember that we never know how fast a coupon will print out.  My advice is to check out and ask yourself this question, “If I could get this item for Free or almost free, would I buy it?”  If the answer is yes, print it twice!  Then, store it away until I get to tell you about a great deal to pair with it! READ MORE »

Disney Movie Rewards Code!

I just got an email from Disney Movie Rewards.  At the bottom of the email was a code.  It is a one-time use, but I believe everyone should be able to use it one time. You will get 5 more points added to your total. The code is 329vndj831.  Just go here and enter in your code.  If you don’t have an account yet, sign up for a free account and earn points towards free Disney DVDs.  They will even send you a free Disney Blu-Ray DVD on your birthday! READ MORE »

Target Weekly Deals 1/17- 1/23

Target Weekly Deals 1/17-1/23

**To all you newbies, SS Stands for Smart Source, RP Stands for Red Plum and PG Stands for Proctor and Gamble.  They are all of the coupons inserts you can get in your Sunday paper.  Even if you don’t get the Sunday Paper, there are a lot of deals below that use printable Target coupons and printable manufacturer coupons!  These deals are only available 1/10-1/16 READ MORE »

Walgreens 1/17-1/23

Walgreens Deals 1/17-1/23

Please remember that Walgreens has an 8 page ad and a 16 page ad.  Depending on where you live, it is completely different.  Utah gets the 8 page ad.  Since that is where I live, I will only be posting the 8 page ad deals.  If you check other coupon sites, remember that all of the deals they post may not be available to your area!! READ MORE »

The Rebates Really Come!

Rebates in my mom’s generation didn’t always come.  So I know some people can be skeptical when it comes to getting rebates. But, I am here to show you that you really do get them.  Rebates have come a long, long way!  READ MORE »

Turbo Tax! You have to try this!


I always felt like my accountant never really put effort into finding all of our deductions.  Which is obviously really important to me, because I want to get as much money back as I can! So, I finally got fed up with it and decided that the only person who knew our finances and purchases the best was ME.  Last year, I did all of our taxes online with Turbo Tax.  It was awesome!  READ MORE »

New Sudafed Coupons

Go on over here to grab some great Sudafed coupons.  They don’t have a size limit, so you can use them on ANY Sudafed (except Trial Size).  So, you should be able to use it with the $5.00 Sudafed deal at Wal-mart right now and get them for $3.00 instead.  Or, hold on to them and wait till Walgreens comes out with a Register Reward to pair with the coupons! READ MORE »

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