Vistaprint: Such a CUTE Idea!

Vistaprint is offering 140 adhesive address labels for Free!  They are absolutely adorable.  You can make a caricature of each person in your family with hair color, eye color, and more! All you pay is $3.06 for shipping.  Click Hereto get yours started!! READ MORE »

Taco Bell: Free BlackJack Taco on Halloween!

Taco Bell is offering a FREE BlackJack Taco on Halloween!  All you need to do is go between 6 p.m. and Midnight to get yours.  You don’t need a coupon and a purchase is not necessary!  READ MORE »

Target Deals 10/25- 10/31

Target Deals 10/25- 10/31

Remember that Target does Price Matching!! If another store runs out of the deal you were looking for, you just need to bring a copy of the printed ad with you. Walmart will match as well! So there is no reason why you can’t get the deal you are looking for. READ MORE »

Walgreens Deals 10/25- 10/31

As always, here are the deals for Walgreens. I do not post every single possibility that you could have. Every person has their own individual price points for products. That just means that different people have a certain price that they are willing to pay while others wouldn’t pay as much for the same product. READ MORE »

I Need Your Help!

I really need your feedback!  To be honest, I find over 50 different deals/freebies that I can post about each and every day!  The problem is that I don’t know what would benefit YOU the most.  I have tried my hardest to make sure that I pick the posts that would appeal to a wide range of people.  But I have noticed that a lot of readers are from outside the state of Utah– which is awesome!  However, there are different stores in each state and I want to make sure that my findings can benefit everyone! READ MORE »

Attention all Utah Users

If you are a resident of Utah County, you will NOT be receiving the P&G Coupon booklet in your Sunday paper on November 1st.  It will only be available in The Deseret News or The Salt Lake Tribune. There are over $104 worth of coupons in that book.  So you will definitely want it! READ MORE »

Olay Anti-Aging Body Wash Sample-

Olay Anti-Aging Body Wash Sample-

The product doesn’t even hit the stores until February 2010.  You can try it and get a sample sent straight to your door.  I personally like the Olay Body Wash normally.  So I’m pretty excited to try something else that I might like.  Go here to get your free sample. READ MORE »

Tinkerbell and The Lost Treasure Blu-Ray DVD

Right now, there is a $10 coupon for the new Tinkerbell Blu-Ray DVD.  The movie doesn’t come out until Tuesday, but watch your Sunday store ads to see where the best price is.  I am guessing that Walmart will have the best deal!  But, remember, Target will price match ANYTHING.  As long as it is advertised in a printed material for the same week and in a local store, you are good to go!  READ MORE »

Whoops! Forgot something in the last post!

After you have bought your Glade Candle Tins from Target, (posted right below this), you can submit a rebate from SC Johnson.  For every 3 products you buy, you can get a $5.00 rebate!  And you can submit up to 3 different rebates.  So, since I bought at least 9 candles yesterday, I will be getting $15.00 back from SC Johnson.  Pretty crazy if you ask me!  They ended up paying me to buy their candles! READ MORE »

Today at Target

Today, I met the cutest lady at Target.  Unfortunately, I didn’t catch her name, but it is always so fun to find other people who love using coupons just as much as you do!  I mentioned this website to her.  I probably should have mentioned that I was the one who blogged, (Sorry!). But I figured it didn’t really matter, as long as it was available for everyone to use! READ MORE »

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