Did You Get the FREE Frozen DVD or Blu-Ray Deal I Posted About? Important Tip to Get Your Cash Back!

free copy of disney's frozen

A lot of you probably snagged the deal for the FREE Frozen DVD or Blu-Ray I posted about last week. (No longer available.) However, since you had to be new to score the deal you might not know that you have to authenticate your account.  They cannot pay you out for any referrals or for the cash back amount you earned on the Frozen DVD/Blu-Ray purchase until you do so. READ MORE »

UPDATE: FREE DVD Version of Disney’s Frozen Now!!

free copy of frozen on dvd

Earlier today, I posted about how to get the DVD/Blu-Ray version of Disney’s Frozen for FREE by purchasing through Walmart and getting cash back.  Now, it looks like they are offering a similar deal for just the DVD version!! READ MORE »

FREE Disney’s Frozen Blu-ray/DVD At Walmart After Cash Back From TopCashBack!


Update:  If your store isn’t showing the $19.96 DVD/Blu-Ray version in stock for pickup, then the deal is dead for you.  However, you can check later today or even tomorrow to see if your store has put more in-stock.  I am hoping/guessing they will since the movie release is such a big deal.  So check back a little later and try again! READ MORE »

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