Price Matching

Retailers are Being Sneaky about this NEW Price Matching Tip!

the secret price matching tip youtube pic

I had an experience this past week with Price Matching and realized that a lot of you might not even realize that this Price Matching Tip exists because Retailers have been pretty sneaky about it so far.  And if you aren’t paying attention, you might totally miss it!  So head on over here and watch the quick video I put together for you guys so you can literally save thousands a year with Price Matching. READ MORE »

Staples Has Released a 110% Lowest Price Guarantee for Back to School!

Back to school price matching

I know a lot of us don’t want to drive around to a billion different stores trying to find pick up the best deals for all of the Back-to-School items our kids need.  Well, this might be our answer! READ MORE »

Walmart’s Price Matching Policy Change!

price matching policy

I wanted to give you guys a heads up that Walmart has made a change on their Corporate Price Matching Policy.  And it is a big change and one that everyone will want to make note of. READ MORE »

Price Matching: How it Works and Making it Work for You! PART 1

how to price match

If couponing is too overwhelming for you, don’t stress out.  There is still a great way to save money each and every time you head to the grocery store.  It’s called Price Matching! READ MORE »

Watch for the Fine Print when Price Matching!

Many stores will Price Match the Weekly Store Advertisements you get in the Newspaper– including Wal-Mart and Target.  This can really help us save even more, especially when you can stack coupons on top of the price matching deal! READ MORE »

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