Exclusive 20% off and Free Shipping from Pink Desert! My Favorite New Boutique! (Last Day to Grab this Deal!)

pink desert IG image

Reminder: This is the LAST day to score this awesome deal! READ MORE »

What is the Difference Between BB Creams & CC Creams?

difference between cc cream and bb cream

I had a ton of you ask me what the difference was between BB Creams and CC Creams last week after I posted that I went a little overboard purchasing products to test out on all of our behalf. 😉  A BB Cream or CC Cream might be EXACTLY what your makeup routine has been missing, but you just didn’t know. READ MORE »

My Favorite Jeans of All-Time on Sale!

All Women's Jeans $39.90!

A long time ago, I mentioned here on Freebies2Deals that I have a favorite pair of jeans from Express.  I’ve just never found anything that even comes close to comparing–especially for the price point. READ MORE »

Did You Know You Can Save Money by Color-Packing??

How Color Packing Works

Do you know what color-packing is?  If not, it can definitely save you money by helping you pack your suitcases lighter for vacations.  And we all know how ridiculous the airlines are right now with charging for checked baggage and weigh limits.  Why get an amazing deal on a flight and then pay an arm & a leg for baggage?? READ MORE »

Fashion Friday Steal: Lightweight Scarf & Bracelet Cuff Only $9.94 Shipped!

fashion friday cents of style

A few weeks ago, I was able to get my hands on the scarf and the bracelet cuff that are part of this sale and I know you guys are gonna love them. Perfect for an early Fall update–without spending a lot of money! READ MORE »

I Went a Little Overboard Last Night…..

favorite cc cream

If you didn’t know, ULTA has an amazing return policy.  Ever wanted to try out a new line of makeup, but didn’t want to shell out the cash if you weren’t sure you would love it?  Or that it would even work for your skin type?  It’s obviously a concern for everyone. READ MORE »

Are You Buying the Wrong Perfume?? There is a BIG Money-Saving Difference You Might Not Know About!

different perfume types

You might be buying the wrong type of perfume and not even know it!  And in the end, it could even save you a lot of money. READ MORE »

VIDEO: Easy & Fast Everyday Contouring How-To! Perfect for Moms!

I keep seeing these contouring how-to videos everywhere.  But a lot of them make it look SO much harder than it really is.  Or they are doing these over-the-top contouring & highlighting tutorials that you would only do for a Red Carpet look. READ MORE »

Meet One of the Hottest New Items on Women’s Christmas Wish Lists!

review on the newest urban decay palette

The Urban Decay SMOKY Palette has been released!  And it’s one of the hottest new items for Women.  And like past years with their other palettes, you can bet that this one will sell out too around the Holidays! READ MORE »

My Favorite Maxi-Wrap Dress is On Sale Today!

where can I find a maxi wrap dress that is affordable?

My all-time favorite Maxi-Wrap Dresses are on sale today.  So I knew I had to tell you about them, why I love them and why they are the most flattering thing on the planet for ANY body type! READ MORE »

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