Safeway’s BEST Weekly Deals July 22 – July 28


Here are the top deals this week for Safeway in the Arizona region! I only post the ďBESTĒ Deals each week in this matchup on purpose. If it was featured in the ad and it isnít listed below, I just didnít think it was that good of a price to share. So try not to purchase items that arenít listed below-unless you canít wait for a better sale. Any items listed in RED are items you might want to consider Stocking Up on! READ MORE »

Reminder: Earn Extra Money from Jingit and Walmart!

†Quick reminder for those who missed it…. READ MORE »

Earn $160 in Cash By Christmas from Jingit! Everyone Should Do This- It’s Easy!!

Update:† I’ve been playing around more with Jingit now that the deals have slowed down a bit for the day.† And a few things have caught my attention that you guys might want to know too. READ MORE »

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