Utah Readers: $10 to Pier 49 Pizza only $5.00!

This is one of our family’s favorite pizza places.  So I’m really excited I just found a discount to Pier 49! READ MORE »

Utah Readers: HubZub Launch! $150 to Anniversary Inn for only $99!

Ok Utah Readers, it’s time!!  HubZub has officially launched!  I know a bunch of you were able to get in on the ground floor and test out their site before it launched.  So, hopefully you got to see how great it is! READ MORE »

Utah Readers: Beta Test a HOT and Upcoming Company and Get a Free Credit!

For all of my Utah readers, over the past few weeks I have been asked to give my insight on an up and coming discount site called HubZub.  Instead of waiting for daily deals to pop up like other sites, they will actually have discounts on their site for hundreds of products all of the time.  So, if you wake up and remember that you need an oil change, you can get on and search for discounts on HubZub and purchase it right then and there. No trying to purchase ahead of time, or not getting any type of discount.  Because hey, we are busy and sometimes we aren’t able to remember to get discounts on everything, right? READ MORE »

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